Here’s a few words about us. As a company, we exist to create new ideas that bring happiness and benefit to people’s everyday lives. That’s why we get up in the morning, and that’s what drives us to always push further than we have ever pushed before – said no one ever, right? Certainly nobody we know, although you have to admit: it does make for nice marketing copy. But back to reality: let’s face it, we all get up and go to work because, well, we kind of have to.

That being said, it’s so much better to work for a company that actually CAN stand behind this altruistic claim, which makes us a 100% better place for your talents than say, a bank. Fun fact: banks have strict dress codes.

Our approach to hiring is the same to everything else; we like to disrupt things. We hate boredom. We believe you can have success without doing things the old way. And guess what? It works: we’ve now grown to point where our designs are stocked in over 5,000 stores across 40 international markets. We’ve also celebrated (a little too hard on some occasions) more than 80 design awards in that time. Not bad going, if we do say so ourselves.

The great thing is though, we’re just getting started. So if you feel you want to be part of something important, something exciting and something a little bit crazy, get in touch with us below.