Business Development Manager

Tokyo, Japan

As the Business Development Manager, the position will directly contribute to the success of FOREO’s sales in Tokyo, Japan. The individual will be responsible for the development of our brand and the growth of our sales in Japan. The Business Development Manager will also build, develop and keep relationships with domestic retailers, while defining targets and budgets for each of their areas and Japan as a whole.


Key Responsibilities

  • Plan, execute, and direct domestic Key Account retailers, including development of account strategies, implementation of strategies, and coordination of resources necessary to optimize strategies
  • Build and develop relationships with domestic retailers and owners of independent spas and gyms
  • Maintaining good relationship with key accounts
  • Responding to key clients’ needs as well as claims or complains
  • Responsible for expanding Japan business through strategic alliances and distribution agreements
  • Provide support to staff in prospecting local premium spas and beauty boutiques suitable to carrying our devices
  • Build a deep understanding of the FOREO brand and accurately represent this to staff, providing them with in depth knowledge, when necessary
  • Create and maintain stock level tracking & sales reporting relating to domestic retail field
  • Engage in selling of accounts including qualification, demonstration, clinical evaluation and closure
  • Collaborate with the Sales & PR teams on new campaigns and strategies to increase market exposure and new business
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 主要リテーラーの販売戦略作成・実行・改善
  • 国内リテーラーやスパ・ジムオーナーとの関係構築
  • 各顧客との良好な関係性維持
  • 主要顧客のニーズ及びクレーム対応
  • 戦略的業務提携や販売契約による国内ビジネスの拡大
  • 国内スパや美容系ブティックにおけるスタッフへのサポート
  • FOREOブランドへの理解構築及び必要に応じて店舗スタッフへの教育
  • 在庫確認や売上レポート作成
  • 品質保証やデモンストレーション、臨床評価の提供、アカウントクローズを含めたアカウント管理
  • 市場拡大に向けたキャンペーンや戦略についてPRチームとコラボレーション
  • 必要に応じた他の業務

Required Skills

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Minimum 5+ years of sales/key account management
  • Luxury beauty or cosmetic, wellness or similar industry is preferred
  • Experience of account category such as Department store, Electric Dept. store, Cosmetic select shop chain, gym and beauty salon, etc.
  • Experience of developing domestic retail accounts and managing them
  • Excellent organizational and presentation skills
  • Fluent Japanese
  • Business level of spoken and written English
  • Sense of initiative, and being able to work independently
  • the ability to effectively prioritize and meet deadlines autonomously
  • multitask player in a fast-paced environment
  • Proactive and highly self-motivated
  • Be intropunitive
  • Occasional national travel is required
  • 学士号保有者
  • 営業としてアカウントマネジメント最低5年間の経験
  • ラグジュアリービューティー・コスメティクス・健康その他同様の業界経験尚可
  • 百貨店、家電量販店、コスメショップ、セレクトショップ、ジム、エステサロンなどのカテゴリーでの営業経験
  • 国内リテールアカウントの拡大・マネジメント経験
  • プレゼンテーションスキル
  • 日本語ネイティブレベル
  • 英語ビジネスレベル
  • イニシアティブをとり自立して仕事を進められる方
  • 効率的に優先事項を決め、期限内に仕事を終わらせることができる方
  • 速度の速い環境下でもマルチタスクをこなせる方
  • プロアクティブかつセルフモチベートできる方
  • 自責できる方
  • 場合により国内出張あり

Other conditions

Working hours: 9:00~18:00(Flex system / フレックス制) 

Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday, New Year's Holiday (12/30-1/3) / 週休2日制、祝日、年末年始休暇(12/30~1/3) 

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