Chief Creative Content Producer

Zagreb, Croatia

This job is not available any more.

FOREO is seeking a renaissance “dabbles in a bit of everything” creative type to join our award-winning in-house team. The ideal applicant will have extensive experience in creating content that got you noticed outside of your circle of 20 friends, i.e. something you’ve created from scratch managed to go viral. Throw in a capability to manage a small team of like-minded individuals that want to do what they want to do and this could be you.

If you are killing time at your boring (agency) job fighting dinosaurs and their stale way of thinking, then this job is for you.

This vital role reports to the Global CMO with high-visibility on achievements, alongside superior opportunities for sucking up. 


The Skills 

To be considered for the role, it is important that you understand what the youths want. 

We’re also looking for you to be: 

  • Creative – Dazzle us with ideas, stories, enthusiasm and extensive obscure Internet knowledge. 
  • Creative – Did we say creative yet? 
  • Creative – One more time for good measure. 
  • Internationally minded – From China to Milan, people have their own local brand of...
  • Organized – You have to know what are your minions up to at any time.
  • Self-motivated – you’re going to have to push your own stories to get them made.
  • Positive – no Debbie Downers, seriously.

Essential Skills and Experience 

You’ve started as a junior copywriter, junior designer, junior producer, journalist... You’ve since graduated from making cinnamon challenge videos to bona fide campaigns that earned you a pretty strong portfolio. 

You also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Visual Arts, Production or related degrees, and have at least 3 years of proven in-house creative production record either as a creative or producer with a string of high performing campaigns and  management experience. – HR department sends greetings. 

Apply now!

In an undefined period of time, someone will contact you. Fingers crossed! 

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted, because frankly we’ve got much more important things to be doing. All applications will be considered under the terms and conditions of confidentiality in accordance with the regulations of personal data protection, unless you send us something really funny, in which case let the internet be the judge.