European PR Manager

Zagreb, Croatia

FOREO is seeking for a tireless and savvy PR Manager to join our award-winning in-house team. The ideal applicant will be willing to relocate to our Croatian (of Game of Thrones fame) office, have a strong professional PR record, not a criminal one, and a passion for doing something that will make them popular among friends.

If you have ever said to yourself, “I just wish for an opportunity to present itself, so I can show the world and myself what I am truly capable of” – and did not mean that in any way that can get you arrested, we’ve got the job for you.

This vital role reports to the Global PR Manager working closely alongside FOREO’s CMO, with high-visibility on achievements, alongside superior opportunities for sucking up.  


To be considered for the role, it is important that you understand that all PR is good PR. And you know how to spin either result to our advantage. 

We’re also looking for you to be:

Creative – Dazzle us with ideas, stories, enthusiasm, all over a glass of wine on a Friday. 

Strategic – Be the master of strategies, meetings, important stuff and Big Business Words.

Internationally minded – From China to Milan, people have their own local brand of...

Business Savvy – You’ve seen the Wolf Of The Wall Street, and quote it in an interview.

Organized – Only Excel DJs need apply.

Very interested - in e-Commerce and affiliate integration. We’re sorry for this.

Self-motivated – no-one to hold your hand but plenty to ask about when presentations are due.

Positive – no Debbie Downers, seriously.


Essential Skills and Experience 

You’ve started as a coffee-bringing Anne-Hathaway-in-Devil-Wears-Prada type, went to middle school of “Oh Here’s A Newbie With Opinions” and graduated in “Successful Campaigns That Only Your Client Cared About”.

You also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Marketing, or related experience, and have at least 3 years of proven in-house PR or account management with a string of high performing campaigns and management experience. – this bit was written by our HR, bless them. 

Apply now!

In an undefined period of time, someone will contact you. Fingers crossed! 

Please note that only short listed candidates will be contacted, because frankly we’ve got much more important things to be doing. All applications will be considered under the terms and conditions of confidentiality in accordance with the regulations of personal data protection, unless you send us something really funny, in which case let the internet be the judge.

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