Supplier Quality Manager

Suzhou, China

This job is not available any more.

•    Be responsible for ISO 9001/14001/ISO13485/ 21 CFR 820 / SOR98/282-2015/ISO22716 management system related activities, ensure the compliance and effectiveness improvement.
•    Improving Product Quality
Take part in NPI process to ensure that parts can be properly produce with a high quality level and at an accepted cost.
•    Supplier Management
-    Responsible for supplier qualification and supplier quality management for the assigned categories/suppliers.
-    Establish and improve the supplier management system, constantly optimize the process and improve the service quality.
-    Coordinate with other function managers in planning and implementing of supplier quality programs.
•    Monitor supplier production
-    Guide and monitor the production process at the supplier side
-    Regular review the quality activity and monitor that the activities are being implement to achieve quality target.
-    Check supplier capacity to achieve produce required volume and meet business demand.
•    Quality Control
-    Review component design with the suppliers to verify feasibility study, production, process control (with FMEA if needed), capacity, gauging and overall conformance to specified requirements and tolerances.
-    Maintain close and effective communication among departments, project teams, suppliers and other support personnel to improve the overall quality performance.
-    Formalize with supplier risk analysis related to the ramp-up and manage those risks.

•    CIP Continuous Improvement Program
-    Interface with suppliers on technical/quality issues and improvement initiatives.
•    Team developing
-    Enhance the skills of team member according to different job distribution.
•    Other task assigned by superior.