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Zagreb, Croatia

Hi there potential FOREO soldier! 

We're glad you’ve managed to fight your way through Internet’s wasteland and found your way to this particular page. Also, we’re delighted you found our company interesting and that you might consider applying. 

As a growing company we cannot always foresee where we’re going to need additional employees. But we’re always interested in being dazzled by your special set of skills – we’re still without someone who is good at juggling, for instance. Seriously, what does it take to find someone who moonlights as a clown? You laugh, but it takes all sorts. 

So, send us your motivational pitch. Uncover your wonders and suggest where you see yourself in 3 years’ time. We hope that we’ll be able to provide you with feedback as soon as we can, but what with dozens of other positions we’re currently trying to fill, your application will be at the very back of the queue, those are the rules. Sorry! (unless you send us something MIND BLOWING. Go wild.) 



You should be good... at something. Send us your CV and we’ll see where the gaps might fall.

Oh, and you should like fun. We’re very serious about not being serious. 

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